Interim Executive Services

Newly incubating organizations are not always ready to hire a permanent executive director or hire right away in the case of a vacated office.

With over twenty years of executive experience, Allison Sampson provided interim executive services to organizations of all types. This allowed both new and mature organizations the time needed to determine the best next step. With the support of an interim executive, boards of directors and public agencies could afford the time to get the decision right.

ASMC Case Study: Colburn Foundation
For the Colburn Foundation, the nation’s largest foundation devoted to classical music, Allison provided an executive director from 1999 to 2008 and hired all administrative, legal, and financial staff. As a result of her involvement, the Colburn Foundation has had a five-year period of perfect audits, and more important, it is a healthy foundation positively impacting classical music.

For Santa Fe Stages, a performing arts company in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Allison helped to incubate the organization, acting in the role of interim executive leadership. In 1994, Allison assisted the organization in the hiring of senior staff, including its financial officer, marketing manager, and executive director. The organization’s first executive director remained at the helm of Santa Fe Stages for more than 10 years.

Allison has also served in temporary leadership positions in order to interface with governmental entities on various programs. For example, the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department required administrators and technical advisers to assist small festivals in accessing financial resources and community support more effectively. Working on the department’s behalf, Allison counseled and advised multiple nonprofit organizations on how to improve their financial health and advance their programming. This includes working with them to secure funding from the City of Los Angeles in future grant cycles.