New Venture Incubation


Allison Sampson has extensive experience assisting entrepreneurial thinkers to develop action plans that evolve into new nonprofit organizations, governmental entities, and programs.

New venture and incubation processes often include:

  • Legal counsel and fiscal receivers interface
  • Conceptual content development for applications for IRS nonprofit status
  • Action or business plan creation
  • First case statement development
  • Board development
  • Program development

Working directly with the founding CEO and chair, ASMC successfully set up three separate entities and went on to provide the first chief financial officer of one of the organizations.

Governmental entities also utilize new venture and incubation assistance. On behalf of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department, Allison set up a regional art council for the community of South Central Los Angeles. Through her relationships within the community, Allison was able to recruit key council members who went on to formulate and direct arts policies in this underdeveloped arts district.