Organizational Development


Nonprofit organizations have unique stressors in the areas of human resources, shaping and responding to change, and building organizational strength with a combination of professional staff and volunteer leadership.

Drawing on over twenty years of experience in guiding all types of institutions towards their full potential, Allison Sampson has in-depth experience with organizational development services including:

  • Facilitating and creating a team-based positive environment
  • Assisting organizations develop new processes and systems to overcome problem areas
  • Working with organizations as well as their employees and volunteers to promote the inclusion of people, ideas, perspectives and cultures
  • Stimulating collaboration and partnerships internally and externally to improve organizational systems

Organizational development approaches utilized by Allison are highly respected strategies to help build confidence in organizations and their employees to help alleviate anxiety about change.

The City of Los Angeles’ Department of Parks and Recreation hired ASMC while the Department was in the process of recruiting a new General Manager. Management staff wanted to create a launch platform of critical issues and education for the new incoming management. Further, ASMC was engaged to coach staff and help build team approaches to problem solving.

The Bureau of Transit within the City of Los Angeles’ Department of Transportation hired Allison to initiate a year-long Workplace Improvement Project, where cross-functional teams identified work processes and strategies to improve their work product. The results of this effort included an action plan that was implemented, improved overall performance of the agency, and greatly enhanced communications between staff and management.