Project Management


Projects concepts can often start fuzzy and undefined. Boards of directors and staff may have an idea of how to do something to yield better organizational or financial results, but they are not sure where to begin or whether the idea is even feasible.

ASMC Case Study: CLA Los Angeles
Allison managed key projects for the Chief Legislative Analyst Office (CLA) for the City of Los Angeles. The CLA hired Allison to determine how to improve the city’s historic preservation systems, which are dispersed amongst multiple city agencies. The project has led to the reorganization of historic preservation systems within Los Angeles. Today, this city department is providing overall historic preservation leadership for the city, working cooperatively with other city agencies.

Allison Sampson often worked with organizations to examine big and small ideas, define project scope and determine how to manage it effectively and efficiently. In fact, project management programs would often combine many of the services offered by her consulting firm ASMC and her extensive personal experience.

Allison has worked successfully as both a project manager and as an organizational development consultant to apply best-practice models.