Public Affairs

Organizations frequently need to work with a variety of constituencies, from community groups to governmental entities, to launch new programs and expand their service base. Allison Sampson has experience providing public affairs services including:

  • Coalition building and advocacy counsel to launch new initiatives
  • Public meeting management
  • Focus group implementation and analysis
  • Community and government relations

ASMC Case Study: CA State Library
The California State Library system wanted to strengthen its cultural programming in public libraries and needed to determine the support for such an effort. Allison utilized focus groups and town meeting methods to unite urban and rural libraries across the state in two separate forums to determine areas of agreement and resistance.These meetings helped to produce a roadmap that will help bring new cultural programs to libraries.

Allison frequently works with clients to build community and government support for their programs through general outreach and communication programs.

As a follow up to the California State Library project, Allison was asked to lead a meeting between the state library system and three dozen key representatives of the largest and most influential cultural programming resources in California. Building on earlier efforts, Allison helped the group further develop a cultural agenda for California’s public libraries.